Great request


I’m not the type of person who likes to beg, but this time I have no choice but to ask for help.Having your own DOJANG is every student’s and teacher’s dream. Unfortunately in Poland it is very difficult to make it come true. I decided to give it a chance and leased 350 square meters in order to change it into a gym. It is a very labour and money-consuming task.

I know a real warrior can train in any conditions, but one thing is a real necessity – a sports mat. We don’t care so much about neatly painted walls or expensive equipment but we can’t conduct proper Taekwon-do training on a surface which isn’t right for it. The cheapest mat so far is at least 8000PLN which is almost 2000 euros.

I have to invest another 2500 euros of my own money in the gym, which is a lot here in Poland. We wish to buy the mat as soon as possible therefore we ask all people of good will: our friends in Taekwon-do and other martial arts for a donation. Any sum no matter how much will be greatly appreciated. For some it may be equivalent of a lunch or a cinema ticket – for us it will help make our dream come true. If you or your friends would like to help us  here is:
an IBAN account number PL 69 1140 2017 0000 4412 0132 7303

Account  owner: Rafal Jan Poleszak

Street: Sw. Jozefa 31c/44
Zip Code: 44-217
City: Rybnik
Country: Poland

Thank you for all help

Rafal Poleszak VI dan Taekwon-do ITF